wrapping ideas

eco-friendly wrapping ideas
reuse old paper, tissue paper, newspapers, magazines and everything that you have, And on the top put a pinecone

box in a box and what's in the box?

bags and envelopes

more patience 

cupcakes' bags on the top!


scarves, knitted material, just what you find in your sewing bag

make stamps

ribbons ribbons


last minute ideas for Christmas gifts

You  need something to add to the existing gift but just a small detail? Or maybe you don't even have one. A few ideas for little Christmas gifts.

for wine lovers P.S. - I made this...

baroque necklace

egg nog muffins real mom kitchen

candied-popcorn gifts tablespoon

russian tea cakes and caramel hot chocolat citrus and candy

christmas trees Kelly Moore

Snow Globes Kelly Moore



Though there was a little black out, UNQ mag isn't gone! And at last, today opens places section! With the help of Barte (most likely a new member of UNQ mag) there are the results. Enjoy