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colors (blues)

One day I thought about colors, how do they affect us and where they should or are used. Today's color/colors (looking from this autumn's and winter's perspectives) - all the blues.
  • the best color to wear for your job interview (and for your sleeping :));
  • indigo - color of wisdom, self - mastery, spiritual realization;
  • blue rooms tend to affect our productivity;
  • physically blue colors calms,cools, adds intuition to us;
  • certain shades of blue raises depression and feeling of cold;
  • blue (esp. turquoise) is the color of communication.

Find the way to blue your home.

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very interesting documentary about perception of colors through language. Worth to see.

And blue for your closet.


Urte Karalaite

Publishing a new issue 'uniques'. From now on there will be people from all around the world. Just to remind, we are all unique.

Today's unique - Urte Karalaite. Explorer from Lithuania,who creates jewellery.

works by Urte (photos by  Mariann Fercsik)


baby, it's cold (out)(in)side

Keep our legs warm. Grandma's knitted, bought, ordered socks. Lots of patterns, colors and variations. For inside and outside.

1. ASOS, 2.Purls & Ivy  3.toast  4.shopbop



wonderful collection of socks, tights and accessories from Hansel from Basel. Not only great store, but also image and video gallaries, and blog!


world in one day

Weekend for movies.

'Life in a day' (imdb)

Every emotion, all your fears, loves, disgusts. Everyone around you.

Especially powerful inspiration, motivation for life. For such movies words might not be enough. It must be seen.


'The perfect host' (imdb)

movie that will definetely not leave you bored.