colors (blues)

One day I thought about colors, how do they affect us and where they should or are used. Today's color/colors (looking from this autumn's and winter's perspectives) - all the blues.
  • the best color to wear for your job interview (and for your sleeping :));
  • indigo - color of wisdom, self - mastery, spiritual realization;
  • blue rooms tend to affect our productivity;
  • physically blue colors calms,cools, adds intuition to us;
  • certain shades of blue raises depression and feeling of cold;
  • blue (esp. turquoise) is the color of communication.

Find the way to blue your home.

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very interesting documentary about perception of colors through language. Worth to see.

And blue for your closet.


  1. Super cool blue interiors!
    Love your taste.

  2. AH! I have design envy! These rooms are so gorgeous!