While the weather is good, there is still chance to go out with clutches. Different colors, forms, patterns. They are on until the cold takes hands into warm pockets.

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friendship bracelets

Nowadays there are less and less people who wouldn't have worn friendship bracelets in their childhood or even till the very last days. Those are the cutest gifts from friends & now it might be as part of your style.

Most people know how bracelets should look like, from what threads they are made, but just in case:

Friendship bracelets (fb) were brought up byNative Americans. Their traditions continue up till the very 2011.
Idea of giving a friend fb is that friend who is given a bracelet respects his friend's work, love etc.(old story)
The most important thing was/is that friend has to wear bracelet until the cords wear out (other believes are that when it happens the wish which was in mind when friend gave the bracelet will come true )
If person removes bracelet before its cords wear out, it means that friendship might be getting worse.

Now, bracelets are not only worn to show how much you love your friend, but it is part of person's style.

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feather weather

Animalistic patterns are still in 2011. Today feather weather day.

  1. orange clutch DNTX
  2. ring jesophi
  3. bracelets Nautical Wheeler
  4. sweater The Trend Boutique
  5. leggings Top Shop
  6. film One flew over the Cuckoo's nest
  7. art photograph Miles of Light
  8. shoes Zappos

LFW face hunting

Topshop made a great job promoting London Fashion Week. Some face hunted pearls:


shapes - triangle

Geometric patterns, colorful & eye catching. First shape

1. necklace nutcase fashion
2. necklace spoonful of mint
3. pyramid necklace MIRTA
4. ring plastique
5. leather phone case beautiful skin
6. minimal earrings meltemsem
7. golden triangle clutch hazel & hunter
8. tunic blouse Ampris Loves
9. scarf white moth
10. t-shirt alloy


it's London, baby

starts right now


As weather is not going any better so today it's all about scarves. Time to time I find interesting little histories about peculiar things. So short history of scarves no longer than in 2 minutes.

All started in Ancient Rome when men wore linen kerchieves to clean their sweat from their necks & faces. Summa summarum men were the first to wear scarves :) Of course some women find it wearble so they copied it.

Around 221BC scarves were worn by warriors (Emporer Cheng).

In the 17th century in Croatia different material scarves were worn by different social groups (cotton for soldiers, silk for officers).

Who else than French made scarves more popular. Then it wasn't called scarves but cravats. However, it was also not yet worn by women but by men to demonstrate political inclination.

In the 19th century situation was changed. Scarves were not only made from silk or cotton, but also from wool. And yes, at last, now women & children started to wear them widely. 

Now, it is one of the most popular must haves in every wardrobe.

Scarves from
1. kraeO
2. aurelia felt
4. ozetta
5. celapiu
7. h&m
8. Vintage Dutch Girl


kitchen experiments

Today I had a huge craving for a cake, especially for a cheesecake. Result - I baked (experimental way) :

- 200 g the most simple cookies &100 g butter
- 250 g ricotta cheese
- 150 g rice
- 1 cup of sugar (not full)
- 2 big eggs
- 1 tsp vanilla sugar
- 1 tbsp startch
- 1 lemon's peel
- mashed strawberries
- mint

So, let's get started:

blend cookies and pour melted butter into them. Stir it & then press the mass over the baking pan. Put it into fridge while you make the filling

start boiling rice. You should sweeten water before you put rice in to the pot. When rice are boiled, cool them

heaten your oven 180C

take a mixer and beat ricotta cheese until it is smooth. In other bowl mix eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon's peel. Then little by little while mixing cheese pour everything from bowl with eggs. Take a spoon and put rice

pour everything onto the crust

bake for ~30 minutes

put mashed strawberries & mints on the top.

Voila !


inspired by vintage

3 facts about vintage 

* wine experts know that vintage the name as such came from wine terminology, meaning old (& usually therefor good)
* vintage is everything from 1920s to 1980s
* 1920s started as breaking-the-rules era (& of course continued till very 1980s(what to say about nowadays?))

1. dress croatiavintage
2. necklace ASOS
3. book to read F. Scott Fitzgerald "The Great Getsby"
4. leather iPhone case tovicorrie
5. winged clutch AlinaNaidu
6. shoes TOAST
7. bracelet NORDSTROM



Sometimes we find ourselves deep in the blue & want...nothing. Some years before I thought that motivational books, videos, presentations and so on were for those who are desperate about their lives. However, more books I've read or videos watched concerning motivation or will power I learned more about human nature. How people tend to understand things and how they are presented at schools or universities, why girls are so emotional and boys not and etc. So, if interested:

- Steve Chandler '100 ways to motivate yourself'
- Tepperwein Kurt books
- Daniel Goleman 'Emotional Intelligence'

Anthony Robbins



The 21st century is great because of the possibilities. Options that you can choose for your lifestyle, clothing, beliefs vary from antiquity till nowadays. Talking about clothing there's the tendency to take some patterns, peculiarities from different cultures or periods of time. American Indians, yes we all saw pictures of girls wearing warbonnets. Wild retro style which is still very close to heart to some of us. And today is for aztecs. However, if we wear it, maybe some knowladge is required?

 1st of five parts

aztec culture applied to modern times