kitchen experiments

Today I had a huge craving for a cake, especially for a cheesecake. Result - I baked (experimental way) :

- 200 g the most simple cookies &100 g butter
- 250 g ricotta cheese
- 150 g rice
- 1 cup of sugar (not full)
- 2 big eggs
- 1 tsp vanilla sugar
- 1 tbsp startch
- 1 lemon's peel
- mashed strawberries
- mint

So, let's get started:

blend cookies and pour melted butter into them. Stir it & then press the mass over the baking pan. Put it into fridge while you make the filling

start boiling rice. You should sweeten water before you put rice in to the pot. When rice are boiled, cool them

heaten your oven 180C

take a mixer and beat ricotta cheese until it is smooth. In other bowl mix eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon's peel. Then little by little while mixing cheese pour everything from bowl with eggs. Take a spoon and put rice

pour everything onto the crust

bake for ~30 minutes

put mashed strawberries & mints on the top.

Voila !

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