friendship bracelets

Nowadays there are less and less people who wouldn't have worn friendship bracelets in their childhood or even till the very last days. Those are the cutest gifts from friends & now it might be as part of your style.

Most people know how bracelets should look like, from what threads they are made, but just in case:

Friendship bracelets (fb) were brought up byNative Americans. Their traditions continue up till the very 2011.
Idea of giving a friend fb is that friend who is given a bracelet respects his friend's work, love etc.(old story)
The most important thing was/is that friend has to wear bracelet until the cords wear out (other believes are that when it happens the wish which was in mind when friend gave the bracelet will come true )
If person removes bracelet before its cords wear out, it means that friendship might be getting worse.

Now, bracelets are not only worn to show how much you love your friend, but it is part of person's style.

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