As weather is not going any better so today it's all about scarves. Time to time I find interesting little histories about peculiar things. So short history of scarves no longer than in 2 minutes.

All started in Ancient Rome when men wore linen kerchieves to clean their sweat from their necks & faces. Summa summarum men were the first to wear scarves :) Of course some women find it wearble so they copied it.

Around 221BC scarves were worn by warriors (Emporer Cheng).

In the 17th century in Croatia different material scarves were worn by different social groups (cotton for soldiers, silk for officers).

Who else than French made scarves more popular. Then it wasn't called scarves but cravats. However, it was also not yet worn by women but by men to demonstrate political inclination.

In the 19th century situation was changed. Scarves were not only made from silk or cotton, but also from wool. And yes, at last, now women & children started to wear them widely. 

Now, it is one of the most popular must haves in every wardrobe.

Scarves from
1. kraeO
2. aurelia felt
4. ozetta
5. celapiu
7. h&m
8. Vintage Dutch Girl

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